Eagan’s Newest Addition: Raising Canes

Sana Tahir , Features Writer

Throughout the past week, there has been a buzz at Eagan High School about a restaurant opening! Eagan recently welcomed a popular fast food restaurant, Raising Canes, to our city. Raising Cane’s, famous for their chicken fingers opened October 8th, on Central Parkway. Travis Geving, the general manager of Eagan’s location, explained, that Eagan deserves to have a Raising Cane’s.


This is Raising Cane’s 10th location in Minnesota. 


Geving believes Cane’s is so popular because of their culture. “I think people know that we’re different than a lot of other quick-service chains. People come in here and they know their gonna get a high-quality meal.” 


Cane’s, founded in Louisiana, now has restaurants in 27 states in the United States as well as in the Middle East. 


Tyler Greenhagen, the Are Leader of Marketing for Eagan Cane’s explained, “We plan to get heavily involved with Eagan High School Athletics and sponsorships. We are also looking at opportunities with Eagan band and choir, and any other extracurriculars.” 


On opening day, the Eagan High School Cheerleaders went to support the new Cane’s. Gabi Medina, an Eagan High School cheerleader, mentioned that Raising Cane’s has supported their booster. The cheerleaders cheered for the lucky 20 attendees who won free Canes for a year.


 Raising Cane’s is open from 10 AM to midnight every day in Eagan.