Celebrate Halloween by giving back with HAC

Hana Diwan, Photographer

Eagan High’s HAC (High Schools Against Cancer) club is collecting donations this week. The student presidents of this club are Hannah Larson, Lauren Woods, and Lydia Dawson. During lunch, you can bring your money and donate it to anyone holding a Halloween bucket. This fundraiser has been held annually ever since the Halloween season of 2011. The proceeds go toward helping cancer patients at Hope Lodge American Cancer Society, a nonprofit 501c3 charitable organization located in Minneapolis, MN.

HAC started collecting these donations on Friday, October 25 and will continue to gather money until Wednesday, October 30, the day before Halloween. More money donated means more teachers and staff wearing costumes this Thursday. So far, with only one full school day open for donations, HAC already has $65.94 and is aiming to reach their goal of $300.00 to get the administrators to also dress up. If you don’t get a chance to donate this year, then you can always do it next year!