EHS choir’s super fun-draiser

Tori Westenberg, News Editor

If you thought Halloween was the only time you could dress up (socially acceptably, that is), then think again. On November 24th from 2-4:00 p.m., the Eagan choir program will be hosting a superhero and princess themed fundraiser in the EHS commons filled with games, snacks and singing! 


Choir director Ms.Churner lists some of the activities: “There’ll be arts and crafts stations with coloring and creating crowns and shields for everyone as well as games of all kinds such as giant Jenga!” Along with the fun activities there will be tons of food you can eat while the choir kids perform. “They’ll be signing all types of songs, from Disney to recognizable movie songs all while dressed as characters,” describes Churner. 


Choir student Sophia Peterson, who is working the face painting booth, describes the event as one that “shows what Eagan Choir is all about, performing and having a good time with your friends.” 


It costs $20 for attendance and will greatly help to benefit the choir department. It will allow them to purchase a grand piano for rehearsals and give scholarships to in-need choir students for upcoming trips. 

“It’s a fun event that will get you out of the house and live out your childhood memories,” Churner exclaims. 


“I’m excited to see all the kids having a good time and hear my friend’s solos,” Peterson enthused. While it is geared towards younger kids and families it is welcome to all who want to live out their inner child side and support Eagan High School’s choir department.