Eagan’s upcoming trip to Europe

Jada Miller, Sports Writer

Eagan students are able to take a trip to Paris, Normandy, and London in the summer of 2021. It lasts 10 days, and it is about $4,400. That includes all meals, hotel, and airfare.  The trip is run through Eagan’s history department with Mr. Poehler leading it.  


A Sophomore going on the trip, Billie Alexander, has opinions on if this high price is worth the trip.  Alexander thinks, “It will be worth it, I’ve had multiple adults come up to me and say, ‘you’re so lucky to have this experience and as a highschooler to be able to go with the school and visit those places’”. The trip complements some of the curricula learned in Eagan’s world history and European history classes.  


Some people are very excited to go on this trip to learn and experience the history, like Logan Ahl. “I’m really excited to experience the culture over there because there are really famous cities and different experiences.” These famous cities include Paris and Normandy, both located in France. The history has also made an impact on Alexander, as she states, “I’m excited to really see the history where it happened, because we hear a lot about it in the classrooms and we see pictures of it, but to actually go to the places and just be there is different.” 


Matt Monville, another sophomore at EHS, is excited for the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Just like the other students, he also agrees the cost will be worth it.  As for the food, there are some different opinions. Eli Turfler mainly wants to go on this trip for the “new foods and to be able to speak French with French speakers. It’s harder when half the class doesn’t even know a lot of French.”, while Logan Ahl and Billie Alexander have some certain foods they want to try. “I definitely want to try escargot in Paris, and baguettes. I’ve never had a baguette.” Ahl states. Alexander, on the other hand, would love to try the coffee in Paris. She has heard that French coffee is extremely good. 


Mr. Poehler thinks that “any kind of travel experience just broadens a person’s understanding of the world, different cultures, and it’s always exciting.” So if you’re a sophomore and still interested in this trip, there is still time to sign up. Talk to Mr. Heil or Mr. Poehler for more information.