Women’s Empowerment fights period poverty


Dani Fraher, News Writer

Claims that the next generation is going to change the world aren’t far off, exemplified by Eagan High School’s Women’s Empowerment Club. They are working with District 196 to put free pads and tampons in all school bathrooms. “I feel like everyone thought that this was a thing that should have already happened,” explains one of the club leaders, Heden Abdulahi, “but they just needed someone to actually bring it up.” 

They started with their adult supervisors, Mrs. Adams and Mr. Brook, who then talked with Dr. Reikowski, who proceeded to inform the district superintendent, Mary Kreger, about their idea. At the same time, Kreger had watched a sophomore in a  speech class give a presentation on period poverty—not connected to WE Club—and she promptly invited the club to give their own presentation on what they hoped to accomplish. 

After their presentation, the club went to a district office to give another presentation on what period poverty would look like in the community and nationwide. They covered what it looked like at Eagan High School and the problems students have from the lack of these products in bathrooms. They then proposed a plan of action and were met with enthusiastic agreement. “Everybody in the room pretty much liked the idea and approved it, so now they’re being put in,” remarks Heden. The district will start with Eagan High School, Apple Valley Middle School, and Apple Valley Elementary School as trial schools.

When the products will arrive, though, is still uncertain. “There isn’t an official date yet,” says Heden. The baskets that will hold the products are in place, and the district has ordered the products to be delivered, but the specific time is unknown.

WE Club isn’t just twiddling their thumbs in waiting, however. With schools closed, the club is putting together menstrual product kits for those who don’t have access to them. If you or someone you know needs a kit consisting of pads, tampons, and soap, please text or have them text co-leader, Claudia Liverseed, at 612-910-8799 or email her at [email protected]. She’ll find a way to give kits to whoever needs them. The club thanks you.

Thanks to them, Eagan students and students across the district will have access to menstrual necessities they didn’t have before. It will be exciting to see what this club and others like it will accomplish next.