Wildcats join together for pep parade


Dani Fraher, News Writer

May 1st, the Northview Park parking lot was scattered with dozens of cars, all scrambling to line up for the EHS pep parade. Cars were decorated with signs of appreciation and Wildcat spirit. Friends waved to friends, some people even climbing halfway out of their car window. No one was fully out of their car, of course—the rules were adamant on social distancing inside their vehicles. 

Finally, at 1:30, they were off, guided by the Eagan Police Department, met with spectators in their driveways, and joined by bikers on the sidewalk. Another wait settled at Braddock Trail as cars trickled through the school’s parking lot, and excitement kept building with the growing sound of music.

Bonnie Tyler’s “Holding Out for a Hero” blasted from speakers set up outside the East Entrance and teachers in EHS apparel cheered louder than the PIT at the Homecoming game. Some held signs, some blared noisemakers, and the band directors, Mr. Pearson and Mr. Benson, brought out a saxophone and snare drum respectively. Last, but never the least, were the lunch ladies in their customary aprons. All of them cheering us on, and all of us expressing our gratitude. 

Thanks to the Eagan Police Department and EHS staff, the parade was a huge success. You’ve got to hand it to them for helping to organize the brilliant motorcade and for overcoming the obstacles that COVID-19 and distance have all hurdled our way. For every Wildcat out there, keep doing your best and keep your chin up. We may be in difficult times, but we are Eagan, and we’re all in this together.