Chick-Fil-A prizes offered to students of the week


Kaitlyn Fisher, News Writer

As the pandemic continues to maintain online school, students are getting restless having to sit on Zoom everyday. However, at the Eagan Pepfest on December 18th, Ms. Langenhahn announced that teachers will be nominating students for a Chick-Fil-A prize pack every week until the end of the trimester. So what is the goal of this new program? After speaking with Ms. Langenhahn about it she said; “The main goal of the new program is to have a fun initiative for students to get involved over zoom. Since we can’t be in person right now, we want to create a fun motivator for students to be engaged over zoom.” 


How exactly does this program work? As stated before, teachers will be nominating students each week for “Zoom student of the week.” All of the students that have been nominated will be put in a random draw, and ten names will be drawn each week to get a prize pack! The prize pack will include a coupon for a sandwich/eight count nuggets and a cookie/brownie. 


How can you win one of these prize packs? Ms. Langenhahn said “The best chance for students to get nominated is to show up to zooms, with their camera on, unmuted in breakout rooms, and positively engaging in the zoom class.” If you are nominated and drawn, you will get a message on Schoology and will have to go to the counseling office to claim your coupons. The winners will also be announced in a weekly message on Schoology that will go out to everyone.