A year in review: distance to hybrid learning

Brady Sternberg, Staff Writer

This year has been a new and challenging time. We recently passed the one year mark since the pandemic began and when we went fully online last year. We talked to Assistant Principal, Dr. Zak, to discuss our year and what we have ahead.


How do you think digital learning went? 


“Learning has been in a state of emergency, this is not school. Fall wasn’t great, we had more time and adjustments, it went well for spring but it still wasn’t great.”


What have been some positives of the pandemic?


“No question. Teachers have been able to grasp the full range of schoology. Zoom is great, we don’t have to fly in experts from out of state when we need to discuss something. Lot’s of technology has been helpful.”


What do you think are the Negatives?


“One of the big things we’ve had has been teacher fatigue, with so many classes and students needing things to be attended to teachers have been burnt out. Like I said, this is not school, and it’s been hard on everyone”


How do you plan to continue to support students?


“Getting students back into the classroom will help. Human interaction is what kids need. Something gets lost in translation in zooms and in emails. We also have 196 Online for next year, a fully digital staff catering to a fully online student body throughout the district.”


So now that we’re going back to the hybrid two day model, what are some more things EHS has done to keep everyone safe?


“Air filters in all classrooms. Social distancing. The district has a vaccine plan, 90% of staff have had their first vaccination and the rest have an appointment. The big reason we stopped in the fall was because of county cases, those numbers are the main factor for going back fully.”


When do you think we’ll be back fully?




Going back to full in-school learning is clearly fast approaching. Teachers and students agree that the best way to return to normal will be getting back in the classroom. After the conversation with Doctor Zak, I’m confident of the schools ability to deliver a safe and effective return to in person working. As we glide into spring break, we can look forward to a potential change to 4 days a week with full classes. Other districts have gone with this model and 196 is expected to follow.