Faith Club to host Fields of Faith


Jada Miller, Sports Writer

One of the many clubs at Eagan High School that has managed to persevere through tough times is Faith Club. According to Kalea Glaser, one of the leaders of the club, Faith Club is “a gathering of believers and nonbelievers alike to fellowship with each other and learn more about Jesus.” They have weekly meetings where they partake in many things, such as discussions, worshiping, and reading the Bible. After talking with Glaser we learned a little bit more about Faith Club’s upcoming event, Fields of Faith, and how students can get involved. 


What is the purpose of this event? 


“The purpose of Fields of Faith is to create a space for people to come together for fellowship and worship. We will have speakers and worship at the event and hope that these will have a powerful influence on the students that attend. Another purpose is to bring together students with the common goals of either learning more about God, growing in the faith, or worshiping our Lord, or all three!”


How is this year’s event different from last years? 


“Unfortunately, last year, due to COVID, we were not able to have Fields of Faith. 2019 was two years ago and since then a lot has happened that has impacted students negatively. We hope that Fields of Faith 2021 will give people hope and encouragement in our broken and fallen world.”


What are the covid safety precautions? 


“Some COVID precautions we are taking include the event being outdoors, mask mandate, we will also have tape on the bleachers to promote social distancing and lastly people will be pre registering for the event in order to control the amount of people.”


Who can come to this event and what should they expect?


“All students at EHS and students in the surrounding schools are encouraged to come! Some things to expect are time in worship, both student speakers and a guest speaker!”


Why do you think people should come?


“I think that whatever your beliefs are you will be blessed and encouraged in our broken world. There will be great speakers with encouraging stories and important messages to share. I think that students will be greatly impacted by these speakers and the worship band we will have!”


What do you think people get/gain from coming to this event?


“This is a free event so there is nothing you can lose by stopping by the stadium on May 24th! Our hope is that students will leave the event with hope and a stronger sense of community. We hope that people walk away knowing that we will face trials, but God is faithful in his promises.”


The Fields of Faith event is a great experience for every student at EHS, no matter what religious beliefs you may hold! Especially during these times, we need a loving, supportive community. The event is May 24th and is located at the Eagan High School football stadium with free entry for all! To learn more about Fields of Faith and to get updates on the time and event details, follow @Ehsfaithclub and @Ehsfof2021 on Instagram.