EHS’s sorta-kinda senior prom

Hana Diwan, Photographer

Eagan High School’s “Prom” for this year is scheduled to take place at 7:00 pm on Saturday, May 22. In great contrast to pre-Covid school years, this year’s prom is going to be quite different. For starters, instead of a dance, it is going to be a movie viewing. This will take place outdoors at the football field stadium. The backup plan for this if it rains is for pictures to be taken in the school gym and no movie or dance. However, not all students are too keen on this plan.
Gabi Medina, an EHS senior says, “I feel like the movie night idea is not the best and it can’t compare to what actual prom would be like.” While she acknowledges that it’s better than nothing, she shares many of the same views on this “prom” amongst other students.
In the interest of keeping the event safe, there is a pod/group rule that will be enforced along with a no/food drink rule. The pod rule keeps boundaries and limits interactions between students; there are to be no more than 6 people in a pod in which each pod will have an assigned spot that they are to stay in. People from different pods are not allowed to leave their pods and join others. This is to limit the possible spread of the virus. Additionally, once anyone leaves the stadium, they cannot re-enter.
Although all the rules surrounding the event have been well thought out to avoid spreading Covid, many students believe that dancing should still be allowed. Gabi explains, “I understand the no eating or drinking rule because that way everyone has to keep their masks on but the no dancing rule doesn’t make much sense.” She then adds, “I understand not wanting people to be dancing around everyone but if we stay in our pods and are relatively spread out I don’t see why it would be an issue.” Margo Meekin, another EHS senior agrees with the group concept by saying, “I think it’s nice that we can get pods of 6 at least.” However, due to other schools across the state allowing dancing, frustrations among students have risen.
Overall, there are a variety of opinions on “prom” this year, but generally, most students are a bit disappointed. Margo says she “likes the idea of the movie night”, however, she “wish[es] they didn’t call it prom since it isn’t going to be a normal prom”. This tends to be the overall consensus amongst EHS students as they are appreciative that there has been an effort, but upset that it isn’t an actual dance. From high-heels, fancy clothes, and dancing turning into grass, pods, and a movie, “prom” this year is far from “normal”.
Looking at the event from a more technical perspective, the school is taking many precautions such as holding the event outside and setting rules to limit possible exposure. However, many students believe that this may be a bit much. Margo says, “I think it’s a little overly cautious since it’s outside and so many kids have been vaccinated.” On the other hand. some believe that these precautions are necessary. Despite this, most students have frustrations about this event as it is much different from before Covid. Changes may still be made, but overall, these plans appear to be final.