The Water Softener Issue


Abiha Kashif, News Writer

What started with a passing remark in the hallway turned into a genuine question formulating in the minds of dozens of Eagan High School students: what’s wrong with the drinking fountains? Since the beginning of the 2021 school year, many students have noticed a white tint to the water that many use to fill up water bottles before class.

The answer to this question is… well, complicated. Head custodian Mark Kresti explains, “The issue started at the end of summer. It happened periodically over the last few years when there’s a problem with the water softener.”

The Eagan water softener is over thirty years old, which explains any mistakes. Occasionally as it regenerates water, a valve might get stuck, allowing water or air into the softening tank, causing the white tint many students had seen. This issue has been an ongoing one, however, there is a way to tell if your water was affected.

Mr. Kresti continues. “If you have it in a glass, you will notice the bottom of the glass clears up first and works its way to the top of the glass. If it was scale, it would clear from the top down, not the bottom up.”

As it stands today, the water softener is fixed and runs in perfect condition. Impressive, and all thanks to our custodial staff.