What to expect from Winter Blast Week?


Photo Credit: @Eaganstudgov on Instagram

Sana Tahir, Features Writer

Winter Blast week has arrived! This week, very similar to homecoming week, consists of dress-up days, a basketball game, and finally, the Winter Blast dance. However, this Winter Blast week looks a little different from previous years. Instead of Amazing Race, games will be held in PAWS that will lead up to a championship game on Friday! Here is a rundown of events that will take place during the week.

Monday: Dress up in Olympic colors! Student government has assigned each grade with a specific color: seniors wear blue, juniors wear black, sophomores wear green, and freshmen wear red! Teachers are also expected to wear yellow! Along with the dress-up days, in PAWS, students will compete in a tic-tac-toe contest! Each day in paws will consist of games and the winner of every day will represent their paws on Friday for the final game!

Tuesday: Dress up in your winter gear because it’s Winter Out! Student government has said to dress in your most warm and cozy clothes. In PAWS, students will compete in a Limbo contest so get stretching!

Wednesday: Put on some summer clothes because it’s Summer Out! Along with wearing anything worn in summer, tropical attire is also acceptable! The competition held in PAWS will be Musical Desks!

Thursday: This day will be dedicated to sports and the Olympics so dress up in your jerseys! Thursday in PAWS, students will have a chance to compete in Polar Bear Bingo!

Friday: The final dress-up day of Winter Blast week is USA out! Dress in your most patriotic clothes! The championship game in PAWS will be a paper airplane contest! The airplanes must be able to be tossed into the library so strategy is needed! After school, at 7 pm, boys basketball will play Shakopee at Eagan so come out and support our team! After the game, the Winter Blast dance will be held in the gym! This dance is for EHS students only and will go from 9 to 11 pm. The theme for this dance is gold and black! Unlike Homecoming, this dance is very informal so places like Party City and Target are good places to find your outfit!

Along with these events, the Medallion Hunt has started! Hidden on January 21st, the medallion is placed somewhere in or outside Eagan High School. A map of where the medallion can be hidden is on the “2022 Medallion Hunt Information” article on Eagan Independent! Clues are posted every school day to help students find the Medallion. These clues are posted on the Eagan Independent twitter page (@ehsindependent). Whoever finds the Medallion will be given a $100 and a $50 catered lunch from any restaurant within a 15-mile radius for you and your friends! Good luck and happy Winter Blast Week!