New Construction in the Counseling Office


Sana Tahir, Features Writer

While walking past the counseling office, many of us have noticed the new construction happening in the counseling space. For a little more than a week, the counseling office has seen workers come in and out of their doors, working on a new addition to the office. So what is this new addition? I asked Ms. Lehmann, the head of the counseling office, to explain.

The Counseling Office has two rooms that students might not know of. One room is dedicated for students to take a break in and destress and the second room is a conference space. These past 2 years have been very difficult and as Ms. Lehmann explained, as a result, more kids have been coming to the counseling office in need of help or a simple, quick break in their day. The counselors noticed, how in many instances, multiple students would have to be in the same room to destress or would have to either go into the conference space or sit outside, in the main office, to take a break. Because of this, the administration decided to add an extra room for students to take a break in: “We just feel like we’re adding a room for those students to take the breaks they need and we, the counselors, feel like we need that addition of the room as well.”

Along with the addition of the room, Eagan High School hosts two therapy agencies at the Counseling Office on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday each week. These therapy agencies are accessed through families’ private insurance but they are another resource that the counseling office has! If students ever feel the need to come into one of the “destress” rooms, they can tell the ladies at the front desk of the counseling office that they need to take a break or they need space. The new room, as of right now, is set to be finished by early April!