New Establishments in Eagan


Kaity Fisher, Editor-in-Chief

As Spring encroaches upon us, Eagan is slowly coming out of its Winter hibernation. Residents of Eagan are looking for places to go and things to do. Luckily for us, there are establishments that have just recently opened or are opening in the very near future in our own city! Among these are Nautical Bowls, Crumbl Cookies, Trader Joes, and Olive Garden.

Nautical Bowls opened on March 12, to a large crowd of people. They promised free bowls to the first fifty customers. It began as a single shop in our state of Minnesota, but has quickly become a hot commodity. As of right now, there are 69 locations nationwide! On their website, they have an extensive menu of their various superfood bowls: “Our ingredients are organic, gluten free, dairy free, plant-based, and packed with essential vitamins & nutrients to fuel your life!” If you’re in the mood for a refreshing but healthy treat, head over to the new location at Eagan Promenade Avenue.

On March 18, just six days after the opening of Nautical Bowls, Californian grocery store chain Trader Joe’s opened a store on Cliff Road. Popular chain bakery Crumbl Cookies opened its doors in March as well, on Promenade Ave. Currently, an Olive Garden is being constructed at Central Park Commons shopping center. We will definitely be eating well in Eagan this Spring!