Senior Sunrise


Photo courtesy of @ehs2023seniorss on Instagram.

Kaity Fisher, Editor-in-Chief

Although it seems like they just graduated kindergarten yesterday, the Class of 2023 are now seniors. The countdown to graduation in June is felt by every senior at Eagan. As a result the activities, celebrations, and sentimentality have begun. One account on Instagram has been organizing a lot of events for our seniors: ehs2023seniorss.


This account posts about special events for seniors using creative infographics. The first one was last week, September 6th. Seniors who chose to participate met on the JV football field at 5:50 am for a stunning sunrise. This “senior sunrise” was an amazing activity, and the early risers grabbed their blankets and friends to enjoy the serenity of the morning together.


New senior activities continue to be posted on the account. Last week there was senior car decorating, and announcements of football game themes were made. It looks like this year will be jam packed with fun activities for seniors. We are looking forward to what this year will bring. Roll ‘023!