Club Spotlight- Stitchwits


Lauren Holm, News Editor

EHS has introduced an extracurricular club calling all students interested in making crafts involving knitting, crocheting, embroidering, and more!  As some of you may have heard, the Stitchwits is a fantastic club that was started by Mrs. Urbanciz, an English teacher here at EHS.  I asked Mrs. Urbanciz a few questions about this brand new club to learn more about it.


What is the stitchwits club?

It is a club for people who crochet, knit, embroider, or anything crafty like that to gather and we just get to hang out and talk about our projects.  We get to have a space just to be crafty, and it’s really fun because we also take members who don’t know how to but want to learn these types of crafts, so then we are just teaching each other these types of things and it’s nice to have that community.

What inspired you to begin this club?  What is its main goal?

I actually started this with Ellie (a student at EHS).  Ellie and I would talk about crocheting and how it was super fun, and how we should have a club for it because in PAWS, she would sit here and knit and we would talk about it.  Other people said that they would love to learn how to do that, and I thought we should have a club because other people had friends who did it, so that’s why we started it.  The club’s main goal is to create a community space.  I feel like there are a lot of people who crochet and knit, but they don’t know that other people do, and when they find out that there are a bunch of people, it makes them feel like there is a place where they belong.  I know a lot of people think it’s an old lady thing to do, but there are guys who come.  It’s a fun thing we can all do together.

How can students get involved in this club?

Students can come to my classroom (room 114) or they can email my email and just reach out.  We meet every Thursday after school until 3:30.  It is “bring your own supplies”, so bring your own yarn, hooks, needles, whatever you want.  Either we can teach you, or you just bring your things and we just sit, chat and bond, which is great.  It’s also really cool because there are all different sorts of people who come, so it’s also people who wouldn’t normally talk to each other in different grade levels get to meet each other.