Opinion: Reboot the Blast

Opinion: Reboot the Blast

Morgan Reddekopp, News Writer

Do the spirit weeks seem to be getting duller? Over time, our school seems to be putting less and less effort into making Winter Blast week, and admittedly other spirit weeks as well, a fun and engaging activity for students.

When you think about it, our school spirit weeks mainly consist of dressing up a different way for each day of the week, and then attending a thirty minute pepfest at the end of the week. Sure, that can be fun. But if administrators want students to be more engaged, it is going to take more than a pepfest and an Eagan shirt.

They could start by having more game nights, such as the infamous dodge ball tournament. However, I believe that they could make more of an effort to include us non-athletic kids. Not everybody enjoys sports, so why focus only on sports when creating school events?

I propose that we have school events for the artsy teens as well. Even something as simple as a craft night would be fun. It would even be something that the athletic students would enjoy. If we want to bring our students together, it would be foolish to focus on just one group of them.

As for spirit weeks, each day PAWS classes could have a different activity. And I am not talking about obscure trivia. Because many students in PAWS never talk, one of the days students could get paired up and get to know each other. PAWS classes could also each make a poster to put in the halls during spirit weeks. Even simple and seemingly small changes could make a difference in how students interact.

*drops mic*