Word in the halls: why does voting matter?

Tori Westenberg, News Editor

Elections are coming up on Tuesday, November 6th, and some EHS seniors are old enough to cast their votes this year! If you’re 18, take the time to consider stopping by the polls on the 6th.

We went around and asked a handful of Eagan’s seniors the same question about voting:

Seniors, Why do you think voting matters?

Here’s what they said.

“Because your last year in highschool, when you turn 18, is the first chance to have to really impact the government that you live under.” -Graham Scott


“Voting matters because elections can set the course for the next years.  The government is making decisions about things that affect us, and this is a way to have a say and support issues you care about.” -Caroline Wallace

“Well, I definitely think that voting matters. Voting is our voice in politics, and even though many people don’t understand, the policies our legislators, governors, and president propose all directly affect us. But before voting, it is important to get educated on who is in the running. I won’t be 18 this November, so I can’t vote, but I definitely will when I turn 18.” -Julia Sexton


“If you don’t vote, stupid people are going to run the government.” -Nick Bailey


“You might not think it does at first but every little thing changes something and ends up making a huge difference.” -Mathilda Idell

Voting is our voice in politics

— Julia Sexton

“I think voting is extremely important, even for midterms! It’s a privilege to vote, and I want to use that privilege to advocate for those who either cannot vote or are underrepresented. Voting is also important to me because it impacts the United States in the long term, like Supreme Court nominations. I actually voted for the first time in August for the primaries, and I will vote again this November.” -Ellie Moon

“Because I get to vote for good people in the government.” -Jackson Stokesbary

“Personally, I do believe voting is crucial, because the idea is to give everyone a voice/input on who/how they want their country to be governed.” -Nick Corcoran