WUFDA Getting Ready for Chicago

Anthony Metcalfe, Editor-in-Chief

Although not yet the size of baseball, tennis, or other spring sports, ultimate frisbee has been gaining in popularity over the years. This increase has helped the Eagan team, known as WUFDA, gain members for their varsity team. They’re already seeing this, as senior Erik Hillesheim stated that they’ve got “some athletes coming out this year,” including basketball star Michael Gorder.

Following a season in which they took first in their conference and fifth in state, this influx of players can only help them achieve their goals. These goals, as Hillesheim outlined, involve repeating as “conference champions for the third time,” being “in the top tier of the [Chicago] tournament,” and beating Hopkins, “the best team right now in the state of Minnesota.”

Perhaps most important among those goals is their high hopes regarding the trip to the tournament in Chicago. Featuring “some of the top ten teams in the nation,” as Hillesheim said, doing well will be no easy task. However, as it is coming up quickly–taking place from April 4 to the 6–the team will be looking to reach top form early. To do that, they’ll have to rely on some of their best players.

Luckily for the team, Hillesheim predicts quite a few stars, specifically senior Blake Sevelstra, a 3-year varsity member; Nick Hegerman, a leader of the team; and Michael Gorder, who should use his height to be a defensive threat. Joined by other varsity members, look for this team to continue its run of success this year.