Athlete of the Month: Ed Olson


Ameer Eldomiatti, Sports Writer

When weather permits, the Eagan Wildcats baseball team has played solid baseball, compiling a record of four wins to five losses. Although fueled by many contributors, one stands out above the rest: senior Ed Olson

Olson has provided a reliable bat for the Wildcats so far this year. In addition, he has been strong defender in the field, helping to prevent runners from scoring. Apart from these in-game attributes, Ed also displays skill in leading. He provides the kind of leadership that this team needs in more ways than one. As one of the team’s captains, he is able to shoulder some weight off of his teammates by driving in runs, getting on base and by playing above-average defense.

Ed didn’t just get good overnight. He has been working hard for years. He feels like that added experience helps him, saying: “By having experience and by being on the team as long as I have, I feel like I’m getting better each year.”

Ed not only is making himself a better player, but also is making his teammates better around him thanks to leading by example. Thanks to Ed’s contributions, his team is in a position to make things happen and he provides leadership and confidence to the team. One of many good players on the team, his recent performance has been something to take note of. With the continued efforts of him and those around him, the baseball team should only get better.