Football Picking Up Steam

Bartosz Janczuk, Sports Editor

Our boys arrived at Farmington this past Friday prepared for a gridiron battle, but they instead got a blowout. The points for the football team came quickly and steadily en route to a 41-0 rout of Farmington.

Their foe entered the night 0-2 and Eagan’s players made sure that the first win would not come against them. “We had a very stout defense,” senior linebacker Joe Kovach told me, “and we also limited mistakes. For the most part, it was one of the better games we’ve played as a team.”

With Kovach leading the way, Eagan’s defense held Farmington to just 123 offensive yards. On the flip side of the ball, Sam Zenner and co. simply had their way, totaling 6 touchdowns in addition to nearly 500 yards of offense.

This overall dominant performance wasn’t just an accident, though; the team has combined ferocity with practice and execution, and this was simply a result of that. “We go really hard in practice,” senior Ricky Kamrud said, “we’re just really physical. That helps a lot, and we’ve also got a lot of returning players this year who give us experience.”

“We’re also very crisp,” added Kovach. “Guys knew where they needed to be on Friday, made blocks downfield, kept our penalties low, and so on.” In summary, both the offense and the defense came together on Friday night, and the hope is that the boys will be able to capitalize on this big win moving forward.

Prior to its Farmington victory, the team experienced an intense, down-to-the-last-minute finish that saw the Eagan boys stun #8 Wayzata on their own turf, 17-16. Both of these last two victories illustrate a big shift away from how the team performed in its first game, a frustrating overtime loss at home to Burnsville. “We should have pulled out the Burnsville win, but we had some new guys in and the penalties just killed us,” said Kovach.

However, the boys didn’t dwell on it, but rather took that loss and learned from it. “Our mentality is what’s improved the most since Week 1,” Kamrud explained. “Against Burnsville, we didn’t have a good mentality and allowed ourselves to lose some plays. Since then, we don’t let that happen.” Both Kamrud and Kovach agreed that the Burnsville loss was one that they let slip away, but it’s clear that the team improved on that and has since produced two huge, consecutive wins.

Now sitting at 2-1, the boys look to continue this streak as they move towards the middle of the season. While both Kamrud and Kovach suggested that the team finishing 7-1 is the hope, it’s understood that the games need to be played one at a time. This Friday, there’s an opportunity to catch the boys do just that as they take on Rosemount at home, and one can only hope that their recent run of success won’t be cut short quite yet.


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