Girls Swim to Sections

Sophie Bergman, Sports Writer

The Girls’ Swimming team has been on fire this year. They have finished their regular season and are proceeding on to sections at Richfield starting November 5th. Hopefully, keeping up the good work, some of the girls will continue on to state on November 12th at the U of M.

When asked if there was any pressure going into sections, Haley Pesik, a senior captain, said that she was, “a little nervous, because she really wanted to make it to State.” In regards to State, Pesik said that she had to get “a time of five minutes and thirteen seconds, or at least top two in the category” to move on. She has gotten an average of five minutes and twenty-five seconds so far this season. Pesik also stated that, “One of our main competitors in sections that we want to beat is Rosemount.” When asked how she prefers or likes to warm up, she said she just likes “to stretch and jump around to keep warm as well as stay focused on the upcoming race.”

Olivia Mitchell, a junior on varsity, said that she has been “swimming competitively for nine years”, or since the age of seven. Mitchell said that her favorite race to compete in is the 50 Free and her favorite stroke is the 100 Breaststroke. In her 50 Free, she revealed that her personal record is about 24.8 seconds, and her best time in the 100 Breaststroke is about one minute and ten seconds. We also asked her if she had any pressure for sections and trying to make state, and she responded that she was more excited for it than she was nervous. We all want to wish not just Haley Pesik and Olivia Mitchell good luck at sections, but all the Varsity and JV participants as they advance into their playoffs this week.