Winter EDT Starts a Jazzy Season

Daniela Moreno, Sports Writer

There are great things coming our way now that the Eagan Dance Team is ready to start the season. Tryouts were held at Eagan about two weeks ago.

I interviewed senior captain Karli Simon to see what the girls’ goals were coming into this season. She said, “Our main goal is to get to state, but to also improve from last year’s season.” Karli started dance when she was very young but lost interest through the years. Fortunately, she decided to do dance again because of all the great things she was hearing from her friends. Karli has been dancing for 9 to 10 years and she enjoys, “both jazz – because it’s lots of fun – and kick – because its a more visual dance.” While her favorite thing off stage is bonding with her teammates (including the underclassmen), she believes this is a very important quality of dancing as a whole. “Dance is a very artistic and tiring sport”, which Karli explained is her least favorite part of it.

I also had a chance to speak with sophomore Rosella Stower, who stated, “My favorite type of dance is slower and lyrical dances because they are less fast and jazzy.” She says that to get prepared before a dance, it usually takes a while to put on make up and do the girls’ hair. They also have to warm up and stretch, along with running the routine before going on stage. We asked Rosella who their major competition is this season and she said that, at this point, everyone is competition.  We wish the Eagan Dance Team the best of luck throughout the season; hopefully, they can achieve their goal and make it to state!