Girls’ Swimming Concludes State Run

Tom Olson, Sports Writer

The Eagan Girls’ Swim Team was quite busy on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of last week, when the girls ended their season at the State meet, held in the University of Minnesota Aquatic Center.

The team worked hard all season to attempt to defeat Rosemount in the Sections races, something that senior swimmer and captain Haley Pesik stated as being “one of our goals this year”; unfortunately, they were unable to do so, but some of their swimmers still qualified individually.

At the State meet, the Eagan Girls’ Swim Team ended up finishing in 24th place among 36 teams that participated. Haley Pesik reflected on the season and expressed that she was pleased with the team’s results in general.

When asked about what some of the contributing factors were to their successful season, Haley gave high praise to several swimmers – in particular, she praised senior swimmer Alyssa Ellington and first year junior swimmer Olivia Mitchell, both of which competed in the state meet.  “Even though we didn’t quite reach our goal of beating Rosemount in Sections, I still think it was a good year,” proclaimed the captain when asked for thoughts on the season’s results.

It does look like the Girls’ Swim Team will be holding on to a lot of talent after this year, as there were several underclassmen and even 8th graders, including Jenna Joerger and Jennifer Lenertz, who participated in the state meet this year. Though the seniors were a large part of the team’s success, the squad will likely be solid next year as well; “I think they’ll have a really good year next year too,” Haley went on to say.

Fortunately, there were five swimmers from Eagan who swam in the State meet and will be returning next year. Two of them were 8th graders, who will continue to be big players in the success of the Girls’ Swim Team for years to come. The hope is that next year will be even more successful for the ladies than was this year, and this returning talent will play a key role in making that happen.