Girls’ Hockey Starts Off Strong

Bartosz Janczuk, Sports Editor

The Girls’ Hockey team has gotten off to a hot start this year, winning four of its first games and tying another on the way to an initial 4-1-1 record. The girls have been fairly dominant thus far; led by junior captain Brooke Madsen, who’s achieved a team-high 10 points already (5 assists and 5 goals), they’ve currently got a +7 point differential.

For senior captain Lexi Wilson, this start to the season comes as no surprise. “When tryouts started, I had high expectations,” she said. “We only lost two seniors, and both were defensemen, so I think we’ll be fine with making up for that.” This sentiment was echoed by fellow senior Aryn Embretson, who stated, “Almost all of our forwards are back this year, and everyone has improved, so that helps a lot.”

Granted, the ladies have only gotten through a fourth of their season up to this point, but prospects are inevitably looking good after such a solid start. “I have very high expectations for us,” explained Wilson, “because we’ve always been near the top of our conference. I really want us to go to State this year and I think that’s definitely realistic.”

Part of the reason for this early success is inevitably the girls’ chemistry, both on and off the ice. Said Embretson, “I think the team chemistry is already good, and it’s only going to get better as we move along in the season,” and Wilson added that, “We get along really well. There aren’t any cliques or anything like that, and we always have a lot of team-bonding activities.”

In addition to the aforementioned Madsen, the two senior girls also mentioned senior captain Taylor Ramthun, sophomore Sophie Bergman, and freshman Taylor Anderson – who led the team in points last season as an 8th grader – as key players so far or players to look out for as the season progresses.

Unsurprisingly, both Wilson and Embretson brought up the two upcoming Eastview games – on December 13 and January 24 – as games to look out for, and matchups against both Lakeville squads were highlighted as well. The team will surely be looking to keep its current momentum going when it gets back onto the ice this Tuesday, December 2, so be sure to get out to the Eagan Ice Arena and support your girls.