Girls’ Hoops Looking Forward to Sections

Bartosz Janczuk, Sports Editor

The Girls’ Basketball team has been performing quite well this season, earning itself a 16-7 record en route to gaining the 2nd-best ranking in the South Suburban Conference. Better yet, the ladies have finished out the 2nd half of the season strong, going 11-4 since the new calendar year began.

However, this result has come as a surprise to many, including the players themselves. “We haven’t really matched expectations so far,” said junior Tamira McLemore. “I thought we’d be worse because we lost some key shooters and rebounders with the seniors graduating.”

Those expectations, of course, have done little to slow the girls down. One primary reason for the team’s success has been the play of Dani Bischoff, who’s scored 20.4 points per game and generally been a standout player. With that being said, others have contributed too.

Senior Syd Funk explained, stating, “I’ve always though Tamira is one of the best players to have because she does everything, not just scoring. Margaret [Harings] always helps because she’s a great ball-handler, and Taylor Holm has put up a lot of points this year too.”

Together, these Lady Cats have been playing a cohesive brand of basketball, which they credit as another reason for having surpassed expectations. “Our chemistry is probably our biggest strength,” explained McLemore. “We’re definitely better with chemistry than we were last year – we’re like a family – and our relationship with the coaches is good too.” Funk added that, “We’re all very good friends and it helps us play like a team.”

With all these pieces coming together, the girls are now hoping to win out for their final three games of the regular season and continue winning once Sections begin. “Expectations have changed since the season started,” noted Funk. “Now, I think our new goal is reaching the Section Finals; before, I don’t think that was really even considered.”

Of course, there lies one major obstacle on the team’s path towards Sections success: an Eastview squad that has been dominant in its own right, posting a stellar 22-1 record thus far.For this reason, both McLemore and Funk are hesitant to predict a State tournament appearance.

That being said, they realize that it’s not out of the question. “If we can beat Eastview, making State is definitely realistic,” said McLemore. “They’re better than us this year, but anything can happen.” While this may be a big if, you know what they say: that’s why you play the games.

Hopefully, the girls will be able to build up some momentum during Sections and finish the season – at the very least – with a memorable Sections Final against our biggest rival. Who knows? Perhaps another EHS State appearance is in the works yet again.