Gymnastics Season Comes to an End

Tom Olson, Sport's Writer

The season for the Eagan High School Gymnastics team has recently come to a conclusion, with the State tournament taking place at the University of Minnesota gyms from February 20th to the 21st. Though the team as a whole wasn’t able to qualify for the State tournament, there were a couple distinguished members of the team who were able to make it there as individuals.

The two members representing EHS were junior Shelby Neumann and freshman Shannon McCoy. Shelby Neumann was able to finish in 8th place overall in the uneven bars competition, while Shannon McCoy finished 16th in the floor exercise.

When questioned about the members of the team who had made the State tournament, the Gymnastics Coach, Mrs. Eklund, stated, “Our entire team works extremely hard together to get everyone performing to the best of their ability from the very start of the season, and these two girls were able to make it to State by working hard like everyone on the team is expected to.” Hard work ethic has certainly been a focus of the Gymnastics team as long as Mrs. Eklund has been the coach.

The future of the Gymnastics team looks promising as well. Mrs. Eklund voiced her confidence in the team for years to come, saying, “We have plenty of talented gymnasts returning next season so I’m feeling pretty good about our chances of making it to State as a team as long as we continue to work.” Indeed, the two members of the team who made it to the State tournament this season will be returning next year, which certainly doesn’t hurt the team’s odds of making it to State in upcoming seasons.