Track Seasons Are Underway

Olivia Taylor, Sports Writer

Although our Boys’ and Girls’ track teams have only been training since early March, they have already begun competing, and to much success.

At the beginning of spring break, select Eagan athletes competed at the Mankato Varsity Showcase meet. The boys placed third overall, and the girls also did an impressive job in many events. “It was exciting to see how well we did, especially with not a lot of people there,” senior Bailey Lachance said about the results of the meet.

The Wildcats practiced throughout spring break in preparation for their first full-team meet, which is scheduled for next week against Apple Valley. Of her expectations for the upcoming meet, senior Hayley Cleary shared that she hopes to “get some good starter times so we can build off of them as the season continues.”

As for the girls’ strengths, Cleary stated, “We have some really strong sprinters, as well as a lot of long distance girls who are also very good. As far as I know people jump pretty well and people also throw really well. I think we are just really good all around.”

According to her, the girls would like to come out on top at the annual True Team meet. “I’d really like to see us win that because we’ve come up second these past couple of years.” She also said that she’d like to see her whole team do well in Sections so they can advance to State together.

The boys also have high hopes for the season. “Overall, I know the coaches want to see us get first or second in Sections, which would be cool because we have a very hard Section,” Lachance remarked.

In the meantime, the Wildcats will focus on one meet at a time. “We are eating well and training as hard as we can this week,” Lachance added.