Girls’ Lacrosse Much Improved

Anthony Metcalfe, Editor-in-Chief

Wandering the halls this spring season, don’t be surprised to see a “Glax Superfan” t-shirt. Either the girls’ lacrosse team boasts numerous fans or its fanbase are wearing them on an everyday basis. Indeed, a team that won “around five games” last year, as senior Syd Funk stated, has a lot of hype going into the season.

There’s no denying that last season proved to be a bit of a disappointment. While still earning more victories than in previous years, five wins isn’t the result a team that Funk characterized as having “had a lot of potential” was exactly looking for. senior Abby Gaedtke, however, alleviated some of those concerns by stating that while the team was “pretty inexperienced last year,” this years has “a lot more experience,” especially “with the freshman, because [they] all played on the youth program.”

Beyond an increased level of experience, the girls expect to go onto bigger and better things this year due to their improved play. Both Gaedtke and Funk related this improvement to their ability to master the basics. In the fundamentals of catching and throwing the girls have significantly bettered themselves, going from a major weakness to something that is hardly a concern. Additionally, senior Hannah Stelman pointed out that their “defense has improved a ton,” helped in large part by junior Anna Krueger, who “does a good job of controlling [their] defense.”

Very much expectant of big things this year, the players have set big goals for themselves and the team as a whole. It may not seem like much, but Gaedtke’s prediction of an “above .500 season” speaks to the confidence they have when looking at past records. Along with a much improved record, both Funk and Gaedtke referenced the tournaments at the end of the year, with Abby looking to “make it to…and win the section championship.” Syd remained somewhat withdrawn, looking only to perform in the bigger tournaments and go from there.

It’s not too late to jump onto what the girls hope to be a rapidly increasing bandwagon. With players such as Kelly Coyne, Mckayla Miller, Lauren Funk, Lindsay Meekin as well as those previously mentioned, the team hopes to use its high potential. You may not have a superfan shirt, but feel free to go out and support the girls’ lacrosse team as they look to drastically improve from the previous year.