Softball Expecting to See Improvement

Bartosz Janczuk, Sports Editor

So far, the Eagan Softball team has gotten off to an unsteady start, going 2-2 in the first 4 games of the season. However, that can be partly attributed to the fact that two games – both losses – came against two of the better teams in the state, Prior Lake and Eastview.

Furthermore, the team has needed to get acclimated to some coaching changes. “We’ve got a new coach now; she was the assistant last year,” explained junior Lindsey Harford. “She’s very intense, but I really like her. She’s nice.” Obviously, with the assistant position becoming vacant, the girls have had to get comfortable with a new coach in that spot as well.

Fortunately, the team is still optimistic about improving and having a strong season. “Last year, we finished right around .500,” said senior Gretchen Nelson. “But I think we’ll end up doing better this year. We only lost 2 main seniors, and we’ve had a lot of younger kids step up, so I think we’ll actually be better.”

Harford agreed, stating, “I’d say that the roster overall is better now, and younger, too. That’s obviously good for the team’s future.” Indeed, only two of the thirteen players on the varsity roster are seniors, which is certainly positive news for the new coaching staff.

As for the remainder of this season, both girls mentioned the second-chance matchups in May against Prior Lake and Eastview as games to look forward to, but they are also keeping their expectations for the postseason in check.

“There’s a possibility we make it past Sections,” Nelson said, but refused to go any further. Harford added that, “Our conference is really hard compared to the other conferences, but we’re improving already, so we have a good chance to get far. But the team that makes it out of this section will probably do really well in State.”

Despite the tough prospects that await them in that regard, the girls will surely be looking to keep getting better and post a winning record through their final 10 regular season games. It may not be totally likely, but this could still become a season for the team to remember.