Boys’ Golf Feeling Good

Bartosz Janczuk, Sports Editor

Our Boys’ Golf team has been doing surprisingly well this season. The boys have already racked up 7 victories at meets – out of 13 played – and have consequently also already improved on their total victories from last year (a meager 5). Senior Phil Johnson stated, “The season’s been pretty good so far. We’re happy to be doing better than last year, for sure.”

So what’s caused this improvement? Senior Thomas Krueger said that it’s just natural improvement among the golfers. “I’ve been shooting a little better, Phil Johnson and Nick Asta have been shooting a little better, Joe Rohlf’s been shooting a little better. Basically, everyone has been shooting one or two strokes better than last year,” he explained.

Fittingly enough, this is where the boys saw themselves before the season started. They apparently foresaw the development that Krueger mentioned and have been playing well enough to fulfill the predictions. “My expectations before we started were for us to make State,” Krueger said. “We’ve been doing pretty well and have some good wins, so the expectation hasn’t changed.”

Obviously, however, the team will have to jump some hurdles before reaching that point. “We’ve got two important meets left,” stated Johnson. “A conference meet on Monday, that’ll be important for deciding the seeding. And then obviously Sections, where I think we have a decent shot.”

All in all, a percentage of about 54% first-place finishes is certainly nothing to scoff at. The boys know this and consequently feel pretty confident going into the latter phase of the season. “I definitely think making it to State is realistic,” concluded Krueger. “If we do get there, it’ll be a toss-up, but I think we can do it.”

Now, it only remains to be seen whether these two seniors – along with the talented, aforementioned Asta and Rohlf – can help lead the team to an impressive finish. Needless to say, though, don’t be surprised if they do.