Athlete Profile: Dalton VonKaenel

Aisha Tahir, Editor-in-Chief

The boys went very far this year. What was the reason behind this success?

This group was very close knit and we understood each other well.

What is the hardest part about being goalie?

The penalty kicks.

What was the best part about being goalie?

Making the winning save.

How was this team different from the ones in the past?

Apart from the team being more of a close group, there was also more of a variety on the bench.

Is there any pre-game tradition you and the boys have?

The team doesn’t, but I tap the crossbar three times.

Do you plan on continuing soccer in your future? 

Yes, I want to play at University of Wisconsin-Superior.

When you’re not playing goalie, what other positions do you play?

Sometimes when we are up by a lot, the coach will put me in as forward.

What was the highlight of this season for you?

Section Finals in the Penalty Kick shootout.

Your personal strengths this year?

I became better at reading crosses and blocking penalty kicks.

How did you first get into soccer?

My mom signed me up for a bunch of sports when I was 4. The one I liked most was soccer.