New Chapter For Girls Lacrosse

New Chapter For Girls Lacrosse

Gabbie Allen, Features Writer

Lacrosse was ranked the seventh fastest growing sport in the United States according to . Last year there were nineteen girls playing Varsity lacrosse at EHS and around another 19 more playing Junior Varsity. Unfortunately this year girls lacrosse is at a rocky start for this 2018 season. A meeting on Thursday, February 1st included a farewell to former coaches Lauren Grotkin and Carrie Helgerson. “They were really good coaches that everyone loved,” says Junior, Kelsey Skoog. Kelsey has been playing for five years and is sad to say goodbye to Grotkin and Helgerson. However the coaches are said to be coming back to help wherever they can. “They had new life experiences and had to step down.” explained sophomore, Katie Pernsteiner.

It is also rumored that if the Varsity assistant coach, Lauren Murray, gets approved she will be stepping up and becoming head coach. Skoog tells about how she would love to have a coach who is younger and understands the game well. “It’s such a growing sport that’s evolving and a younger coach would be better because younger coaches know the game better.” Skoog went on to say, “we’ve always had coaches that are young, I think that adds to the environment because you can relate to the coach better.”

The girls’ love for lacrosse is obvious. As Captain Rachel Kram puts it, “I really like the hand-eye coordination. I also really like the girls I play with and the coaches I had.” Junior, Delila Gonyea explains how her love of lacrosse stems from being a dancer. She loves the fact that lacrosse is a lot different from other sports and is easy to pick up. Pernsteiner expresses her love for both the girls and the practices by saying,”there is a good group of girls so you know you’re going to have a good season. It’s also fun playing with your friends while still getting a good workout in.”

Overall the EHS girls lacrosse team plans to move forward from their coaches resigning and are excited for the 2018 season. The first captains practice starts on February 21, 8:00-9:30.