Boys’ Lacrosse Springs Into A Fresh Season


Photo taken by Kristin Hauser

Carson Powell, Co-Editor in Chief

After a disappointing loss to Chanhassen last Thursday, the defending boys lacrosse state champions were looking for redemption. Luckily, the Apple Valley Eagles were just the medicine they needed. With a breezy 17-1 victory Saturday night at the West Saint Paul Regional Athletic Center, the Wildcats rediscovered the fast-break playing style that powered them to 18 wins last year.

“We really got back to how we were playing last season,” head coach Bob Felter said. “Quick ball movement, little turnovers, and lots of transition shots.”

Following the loss at Chanhassen, Felter knew changes were in order. “We haven’t really played a game, so we’re still trying to work out the kinks,” he said. “Tonight I played my entire bench, which was what we wanted to do. We got to play everyone, and everyone ended up playing a little better too.”

After losing 12 seniors, many of them big contributors last season, there were plenty of big shoes to fill. This game was the perfect opportunity for Felter to see which new players would mesh with his veterans. Co-captain Jack Courington complimented the newcomers’ performance.

“They really did a good job,” Courington said. “There was a lot of new pressures for them to handle and they did it well. It’s hard to get used to the fast pace of a varsity game and I thought they did well.”

The Wildcats started quickly, getting first-quarter goals from seniors Isaac Peifer, Joey Diffley, Cole Powell and sophomore Jack Stone.

“We started out strong and never wavered,” Felter said. They improved as a whole and that’s what Felter asked for. “We also won more faceoffs and didn’t turn the ball over as much.”

The team’s goal is to keep this streak going and eventually return to the state tournament. There are a few key things that will help the boys succeed.

“Keep doing the same stuff that we did today since it was such a good day,” Felter said. “We’re gonna try to do the same thing and really pound that into our heads.”

“Just maintaining possession of the ball,” Courington added. “Also probably just being a more supportive team overall and be more positive.”

Felter reiterated Courington’s point. The key to their success is lightening up and enjoying the sport. “We need to have fun,” Felter said. “We were getting down on ourselves a little bit, so our goal is to have fun and enjoy the game and we’ll have a good season.”