Girls Soccer to Take on Minnetonka Tuesday


Image courtesy of MN Shotz

Sana Tahir, Features Writer

On Tuesday, Eagan Varsity Soccer girls will be competing at the US Bank Stadium for the State Semifinals. The team will be playing against Minnetonka, and if they win, will be heading to the Championship Game on Thursday.

Eagan Varsity Girls Soccer have been the State Champions for 3 years, and this year they want nothing less. Senior Captain Abigail Mckenzie explains, “We’ve had one goal in mind all season, to win another state championship and we’ve all been on the same page since day one.”

Making it so far into the season takes a lot of effort and preparing. Senior Captain Brooke Peplinski says, “My team has prepared me for this game by going over the film of Minnetonka and being focused all the practices leading up to the game.” The boy soccer team has also been coming out on field to mimic how the Minnetonka team plays, helping the girls develop their strategy and get ready for the big day.

There are a lot of new faces on the team, which means a different style of playing. Mckenzie states, “We have a new style of play since we have newer players and lost a few key players from last year.” The girls on the team are very close to each other, and have a big family atmosphere. When asked what they are most excited for in the game, Mckenzie answered, “I would just say playing at US bank with my second family again.”

Good Luck to the Girl’s Varsity Soccer Team!