Plaschko is awarded Ms. Soccer 2018


Aarushi Sen, News Writer

The 2018 Ms. Soccer award was granted to senior Megan Plaschko.  The award goes to just one player in Minnesota, and is announced at the end of every season.  To win, players need to go through a rigorous election process. The top player from each conference is put into a pool, from which the top five players are selected.  From there, a committee votes on who should should receive the award.

Being the first ever goalie to win the award, Plaschko says she took it as a shock when she found out she won.  Each year, the award is announced at a banquet.

“When they opened an envelope right there that I won it, I was just super excited,” she recalls. “I really didn’t think I would win it.  I didn’t think that I had that much of a shot.”

However, throughout her soccer career, Plaschko has done a lot to prove herself as a player.  Winning the state championship, scoring four goals against opposing teams, and shutouts are all on the list.  

“There’s a ton of factors that go into the award,” states Plaschko. “It’s just everything that I’ve done in my past four years.  

Looking forward, Plaschko says that the award is “definitely something cool to have” for her first year playing college soccer.  Adding to that, she states that the award gives her a confidence boost.

“I like knowing that that’s how I’m viewed by my peers and the committee.”  Being as accomplished of a player as she is, Megan Plaschko is sure to win countless other awards as she goes on to play soccer in college.