Volleyball and football added back to the fall season


Captured by Patch McMahon

Carson Powell, Co-Editor in Chief

As many of you have heard, football and volleyball seasons have been moved back to fall. That’s right, FNL and the PIT are back! But… are they? Due to COVID-19 and strict MSHSL guidelines, seasons will look quite different this year than previous seasons, and many changes have been made.


The football season has been shortened by two weeks, and will now take place over a six-week period with post-season plans still being discussed. Senior captain Colby Sorensen commented on the state of the season, saying “I think most people are just excited about getting the opportunity to play, no matter when.”


Volleyball players have similar attitudes. One of the senior captains, Delaney Foerster, commented on this, saying “We are all excited that the season was moved back to the fall because now we get a high school season and a club season.”


As for spectators, there is a maximum of 250 spectators at football games, however, this number is split between players, parents, and the visiting team. Given that no student spectators are allowed, Sorensen said that this year will be much different without the normal PIT cheering them on. “There will definitely be a lack of overall energy that our team will have to produce ourselves rather than the fans.”


At volleyball games, no spectators are allowed, given that the sport is played indoors. However, the games will be livestreamed for viewers at home.


Both teams are taking necessary precautions against the spreading of the coronavirus. Players wear masks whenever they are indoors, including while lifting, as well as before and after practice. Gathering in large groups is prohibited, and if necessary, particularly for the football team’s offense and defense, 6 feet between players is maintained. In addition, there is no longer intermixing of teams during practice, which has been done in previous seasons. Volleyball players are not allowed to touch the opponent’s side of the court, and all equipment is sanitized often.


Although many are excited for the fall season, Sorenson said that there were a few benefits to playing in the spring. They would have had “more time to lift and study the playbook.” However, as Sorenson also pointed out, playing fall sports in the spring messes up the schedules of spring sports like lacrosse and track, which many volleyball and football players participate in. 


Foerster thinks that there are no obvious advantages to a spring season, and commented that all players are happy and relieved the season was moved back.


Regardless of the differences this year brings, both programs are growing and doing their best with the circumstances. The football team has about 40 new players who are eager to work hard. Volleyball players have the opportunity to play with normal-sized teams, and seniors get to have a COVID-friendly senior season.


Both teams will be livestreaming their games, so look be on the lookout for information regarding this. Support the Wildcats from a distance!