Varsity Football – Players & Coach Spotlight


Addi Bronwell

Varsity football team facing off against east ridge on Friday, September 24th.

Addi Bronwell, Sports Writer

The Eagan High School varsity football team should be recognized for their dedication and attitude towards the game and bettering the program for future athletes to come.

During practice, players work hard and have fun, building bonds that will last a lifetime. Even though many athletes are so young and are first year varsity players, defensive coach Dale Comer is continuing to see improvement in the team. He feels that both offense and defense have played well at times and can’t pick one side that has been outright better than another. Comer says their mindset going forward is to, “Just keep getting better and keep working hard. We are focusing on the process and the results will come.” As a team, he stated that their best quality is attitude. They keep a positive attitude and focus on what they can do to continue to improve.

Sometimes it takes an inside perspective other than a coach to better understand the team and their overall outlook about the season.

One of the varsity captains, Luc Myher, believes every day and every game the team gets better and has so much potential. He says, “We can only go up from here. These guys put in so much work, and I’m so proud, but we need to show everyone else how much we have done.” Myher is looking forward to the remaining part of the season because three out of the next four games are going to be at home.

When asked to describe the team in one word or phrase, Senior kicker Alex Rodman said, “Supportive. Everyone on the team has each other’s back. If someone has a bad day, we support them and get them back on their feet. Nobody is left behind.” Rodman acknowledges that the season isn’t going very well so far, but they are making great progress and are definitely developing. Specifically, Rodman sees that they are good at running the ball and tiring out the opposing teams defense.

Although there are plays and skills every team has to work on, Eagan has many things they do well. Coach Comer says that every day the team is showing up and working hard to improve. They are locked in and doing what they can to get better during every opportunity they have. 

Both Coach Comer and Kicker Alex Rodman believe that with more intensity throughout the entire game and consistency the team will improve. Rodman wants everyone to know how much work and effort they are putting into this program. In his words, “We are doing our best to please this school and make our fans proud.”