A New Freshman Year Experience


Cohort B Link Leaders finish training and prepare to meet the freshmen.

Sana Tahir, Features Writer

Remember freshman year? For many EHS students, it was just a few years ago, but we carry memories from our first year throughout highschool  The LINK tunnel we all cross through on the first day, being chomped at pep fests, your very first homecoming, these are all events most freshmen have. However, like any other event in 2020, the tunnel, pep fests and dances are all canceled. The class of 2024 entered high school in a very different way, and will not have the same experiences as many of us. While we remember our first day of school with memories of Mr. Becker giving us a lengthy speech and playing games in the gym, the class of 2024 experienced this much differently. I asked Margo Meekin, a 2nd year LINK Leader, on how LINK was different this year from year’s past. 


“This year Freshman met with their Link Crew the week before school on Freshman Orientation.” Normally, freshmen would first meet their LINK Leaders on the first day of school. When asked about Mr. Becker’s famous first day of school speech, Meekin explained how his speech was done virtually. For freshmen attending Digital Academy, they experienced their LINK groups via Zoom.


We remember how we all gathered in the gym to play games, but this year kids went straight to their LINK groups in classrooms and missed out on the gym experience. 


Along with just the first day of school, another exciting experience for the freshman and LINK leaders is the freshman retreat. When asked about the Freshman Retreat still happening, Meekin replied with, “ I’m not sure. It will definitely depend on if they can find enough space for all the freshmen to property social distance in.”


Although many traditional events have been canceled this school year, 2020 is still a memorable year in its own way and hopefully, we can find a way to achieve our high school experiences safely!