2022 Medallion Found; Clue explanations


Junior Luke Roiger, finder of the 2022 Winter Blast Medallion.

Staff report

Thank you to everyone to hunted for the 2022 Winter Blast Medallion. Junior Luke Roiger found it in the snow in an orange ball and wrapped in an unused mask outside at the top of the hill on the east side of the academic wing. He wins the $100 in gift cards and $50 in catered lunch. Congratulations Luke!

Now for the clue explanations…

Clue #1: 

Now that the arctic Winter Blast is out of the forecast

Bring the eudemonia of common purpose into our air.

Trade in the pandemic malaise for happier days.

“All in this together” with Wildcats everywhere.

Bitter cold broke the week of the medallion hunt starting. Eudemonia is the joy of a common goal – a community effort. The High School Musical reference might help hunters prepare for the mini basketball that contains the medallion.


Clue #2:

Unprecedented with our faces habilimented

The new normal not always a walk in the park.

You’ll find success between progressive egress

And a slope that can sometimes be stark.

The pandemic’s worst word sets up a rhyme with the unused mask that the medallion is wrapped in. This clue should lead students to a hall or walkway. Doors are numbered in sequential order and the slope refers to the hill down to the staff lot on the east side.


Clue #3:

The Blast week is here. Olympic rings and a sphere.

The prime location of the prize is out for the bolder.

A path to greatness in line with a wall

Where the air is fresh and colder.

The Olympics start at the end of the week. They are also on the backside of the medallion. The sphere is another reference to the ball. This clue should lead bold hunters outside along a path by a wall.


Clue #4:

When the pandemic started deliveries were carted

Wrapped up outside peoples’ doors. 

Keep trying like Wordle and dig under the hurdle 

By a walkway that wasn’t before.

The loading dock is at the bottom of the hill as well as a view of the track. During winter months, our grounds crew graciously shovels out a path for students to exit the building. Some students may know that the hill was redone with retaining walls in order to make a larger pathway to exit a few years ago.


Clue #5:

A warm orb and air arise near studious eyes

Sunrise earlier though not warmer yet.

Voices of the past from a world that is vast

By the president and stair’s silhouette.

The sun is a warm orb on the east side of the building. Orb is also a reference to the orange ball the medallion is inside. A nearby air vent is the rising air and studious eyes is a reference to the academic wing. Social studies and world languages are taught in 134 and 135. Door 46, the current president’s number, is in the stairwell nearby.


Clue #6:

Winter Blast spirit has got us psyched

Get low like Flo Rida, to the right as you leave.

Under the glaze of 134 and a half

You need to dig in the nieve, neige, or schnee.

AP Psychology is taught in 135. The medallion was hidden in the snow in line with the wall between 134 and 135, to the right of the path as students leave the building. The Spanish, French, and German words for snow are an homeage to the world language taught here at EHS.