Lily Fandre’s 1000 Points Achievement


Captured by Shawn Gilson (MNShotz).

Donald Thai, Sports Writer

At least 333 buckets. 25 games each season. 4 varsity seasons. 1000 points.  

Lily Fandre scores over eighty buckets per season, equating to about 250 points totaled every year and 10 points recorded each game during her four-year timespan. With Fandre averaging about 15 points this season, she is on track to finish her high school basketball career with about 1200 points.  

Fandre is no ordinary basketball player. She joined a select group of 6 other girls that have scored 1000 points in their high school career with her official milestone achieved on January 4th, playing against Burnsville. 

I caught up with Fandre to ask about her basketball journey and the work that led up to her 1000 points achievement:

Tell me a little about when you first started playing basketball.

“I started when I was really young. Both of my parents played basketball and my brother played basketball, so I was kind of born into a basketball family.”

How has your role transformed from your varsity freshman season to now your senior season?

“My role has pretty much stayed the same. I have been a leader ever since I started playing. It has grown more as I got older. [On the court] I like to drive to the basket and get to the rim, which is the main thing I do. I can shoot. I can handle the ball.” 

What was your most memorable bucket?

“Just getting that 1000th point. I hit a three-pointer, and it was really emotional getting to that 1000th point. It was a big moment and has been my goal for a while.”

Were there emotions leading up to your 1000th point as you knew the achievement was going to happen?

“I did not feel pressured to get to that 1000th point, but for myself, I wanted to accomplish that so once I got there, my teammates congratulated me. I felt really relieved to get there.”

Outside of the gym, how have you prepared for this unforgettable moment?

“I have so many people around me that have helped me to the point I am at today. [The support] from my family and teammates really helped me in every way inside and outside the gym.”

What do you wish that the Eagan basketball community remembers about you?

“Just being a good leader, teammate, and person in general. I want to be that person that builds everyone else up. I’m not negative and always positive. People can come to me if they need anything. I hope they look up to me to be that leader.”