Artist of the Month: Hayley Cleary


Aisha Tahir, Editor-in-Chief

This month, we are proud to award junior Hayley Cleary our title of Artist of the Month. Hayley took up her love for art in a 7th grade art class. She became exposed to painting in high school. “I always liked art, but it wasn’t until high school that I started taking painting and drawing seriously,” she stated. “I really value it now,” she said. “It’s a great way to express your self.”

Hayley’s favorite piece of art is her 8th grade charcoal portrait of actress Ashely Greene. “It’s still hanging in the middle school today,” she said. Hayley is not very critical of her work and is proud of everything she creates. “I really put everything into my art, and am always satisfied with the way it turns out.”

Although undecided about her career, Hayley does plan on continuing art in the future. “I am looking at degrees in art and possible colleges, but I don’t have a finalized decision yet.”

Congratulations to Hayley Cleary!