New Nealio’s,

Mandy Noethe, Features Writer

Although Piccolo’s Pizzeria-a well known and long standing Eagan Restaurant-has now closed, a new Pizzeria store has swooped in and taken over. Nealio’s Pizzeria is a classic mom n’ pop type pizza shop, right on the corner of Diffley by the new Shell and Sylvan Learning Center. Nealio’s is a smaller restaurant, that offers take out, delivery, and sit in dining.

The atmosphere is not only sweet and subtle, but also a touch romantic, making it a good spot for a first date. There are multiple booths to choose from when inside, surrounded by a relaxing image that would be almost perfect for any type of meeting besides that such as a get-together with friends, or even a family outing.The customer service is beyond exceptional, making you feel truly welcomed, which is always refreshing. Even though most smaller restaurants tend to go the “expensive and crappy tasting food” route, Nealio’s is completely the opposite. Not only is their food reasonable, but it is also the best food I have ever personally had. They serve any type of pizza you wish, with a gargantuan amount of toppings to choose from, cheese fries, personal pizzas, apple strudel, and chicken alfredo-so there’s still an option for those who don’t like pizza as much. The pizzas start at about $8.50 and stay at a good price range from there.

Nealio’s is open typically every day with the following hours: Monday~Thursday 4pm-11pm; Friday 4pm-1am; Saturday 11am-1am; and Sunday 11am-11pm. It would be a great place to check out on any day of the week!