Top Ten Tips and Tricks to Have a Fantastic Homecoming

Top Ten Tips and Tricks to Have a Fantastic Homecoming

Cora Heinzen, News Writer


Number 1: Get your homework done before the dance. This year, we have Friday off before the dance on Saturday, so you should try to get it done before the dance.


Number 2: If you have a corsage or boutonniere, keep it in a fridge beforehand to avoid the flowers wilting.


Number 3: If you have some black shiny shoes and get a scuff mark on them, using a black permanent marker (sharpie) will make it look just like new!


Number 4: When doing makeup, don’t go full out. It’s fun to get all glammed up, but when you’re dancing for hours in a warm gym, it’s not gonna be too much fun. Or bring some blotting wipes for getting rid of sweat and oils on the skin.


Number 5: Bring wipes for stain emergencies, especially if you are going to dinner before the dance. A stain remover pen which is small and can fit in a purse or pocket is also an alternative.


Number 6: Some good places to get cool pictures before the dance with your friends and/or your date are Lebanon Hills, Black Hawk Park, and the Community Center. Try to get them around sunset, as colors and lights tend to make the pictures turn out really nice.


Number 7: When putting on a boutonniere, lots of times, a parent will offer to help, or you can always ask for assistance. According to Mrs. Stock (mother of 3 Eagan High School kids and tutor to many), it will be better if the parent pokes their child than their date. If wanting to try to apply a boutonniere the diagram below will help.



Number 8: Tying a tie is difficult, but if wanting to try here is a diagram. Not everyone will wear a tie, so if you are wearing a bow tie then here is a step by step how-to. A good hack is to just buy a tie or bow tie that clips on instead of having to tie it.




Number 9: If you or your friends/date have a coat or anything with pockets, keep your phone in there. Dropping your bag off can be a struggle in itself; carrying around a tag can be exhausting and be easily lost. If possible leave the bag in a vehicle; if you do bring your phone you can always give it to a friend or date, but you will most likely be taking pictures throughout the night anyway.
Number 10: Have fun and dance the night away, this is everybody’s night!