Live-Action Takes the Lead

Sana Tahir, Features Writer

In recent years, many classic animated movies have been developed into live-action movies. From Beauty and the Beast to Cinderella to one of the most recent releases, The Lion King. The release of live-action movies is highly anticipated and often comes with soaring box office numbers but many times, viewers are disappointed.

The 2015 live action of Cinderella starring Lily James, exceeded box office expectations and the original Cinderella box office sales. Cinderella was the beginning of the live-action movie trend. Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson also did better in the box office than the original movie. Live-action movies have faced backlash on many things, but the biggest issue is casting. With the new Little Mermaid soon to be released, the actress who plays Ariel, Halle Bailey, has received hateful comments. Halle has received backlash because she is a black woman set to play Ariel, who is white in the animated movie. While many people are disappointed in the casting of Bailey, other viewers are very supportive of her playing Ariel. Another recent casting of Ursula in The Little Mermaid has left many people upset. Ursula was based off of a drag queen in the original movie, and many people supported an actual drag queen playing Ursula in the live-action version. Instead, Disney cast Melissa Mcarthy, making many people angry.

Many new movies based on the storylines of animated movies have made their debut in the past years as well. Maleficent, made in 2014, is based on The Sleeping Beauty and was focused on the life of the story’s villain. With the first movie being a big success, the second movie of this storyline is also expected to be a hit in theatres. Another movie similar to this still being developed is Prince Charming, which will focus on the life of Prince Charming, a character of the Cinderella story.

Many live actions have released in the past years and many are still in the works.

Here’s a list of new and upcoming live-action movies:

Lion King
Maleficent: Mistress of Evil
Lady and the Tramp
Mulan, March 2020
The Little Mermaid, April 2020
Cruella, May 2021
Snow White, TBD
Prince Charming, TBD
Pinocchio, TBD