New movies to stream this spring


Sana Tahir, Features Writer

This year, streaming services have become tremendously popular! With all of us staying at home, movies, and television, for many of us, have become our favorite pastimes! This month, many new movies starring big names have been added to streaming services! Here is a list of a few of them:


Malcolm and Marie: This new drama and romance cover’s only one night of a couple’s life. Starring Zendaya and John David Washington, this black and white movie tells the story of how a single night determines the relationship of a couple. You can watch Malcolm and Marie on Netflix!


To all the Boys: Always and Forever: The third and final installment of the To All The Boys series has come! Always and Forever, which stars Lana Condor and Noah Centineo, revolves around their relationship and their senior year of high school. This movie is on Netflix!


One Night in Miami: Directed by Regina King, this movie covers one night when 4 well-known black men met up in Miami. This true story portrays Malcolm X, Muhammed Ali, Sam Cooke, and Jim Brown. One Night In Miami covers the topic of racism and the Civil Rights Movement. This movie can be seen on Amazon Prime!


I Care a Lot: This comedy thriller film revolves around the story of an untruthful guardian who mistakenly gets involved with gangsters. This movie is a dark comedy and a psychological thriller and is available on Netflix! 


Shutter Island: Although this movie was released in 2010, Netflix recently added it to its streaming platform. This psychological thriller starring Leonardo Dicaprio and Mark Ruffalo tells the story of an insane asylum and the journey for two Marshalls to find a missing inmate. With big plot twists, this movie is a must-watch!


The Map of Tiny Perfect Things: New to Amazon Prime, this romantic science fiction film follows the life of a high school boy who keeps reliving the same day. Many will recognize the love interest in this movie from the actress in “The Society”. 


Judas and the Black Messiah: This historical drama starring Daniel Kaluuya takes place in the late 1900s in Chicago. The story revolves around the leader of the Black Panther Party and the FBI. Rated a 7.7 out of 10, this movie can be seen on HBO Max or in theaters!


The Little Things: AVailable on HBO Max, this crime thriller starring Denzel Washington, Jared Leto, and Rami Malek revolves around the story of a serial killer in Los Angeles. The lead investigator tries to find the serial killer who is haunting L.A, but while doing so, finds disturbing secrets of his past.