$300 donated to HAC Fundraiser


Swati Rampalli

Junior, Noah Finneran donated $300 dollars to the HAC fundraiser last week.

Swati Rampalli, News Writer

Just last week,  Junior Noah Finneran donated $3oo for the High Schools Against Cancer Fundraiser. This generous contribution to the fundraiser did more than just make the teachers dress up on Halloween.

The High Schools Against Cancer Club is a co-curricular group for anyone wishing to do cancer-related things. Its’ a nationwide community based health organization dedicated to preventing cancer and diminishing the suffering from it through research and education. The club had a fundraiser, called the High Schools Against Cancer fundraiser.

When asked the reason and inclination for his donation, he states, “My grandfather was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer on my fifteenth birthday and died eight months later, so donating to HAC felt like the best cause I could support.” Noah elaborates, “I didn’t have an impact in mind other than knowing I did something right.”

The junior said he felt a little awkward and embarrassed when he made his decision. Mr. Carlson, the High Schools Against Cancer Fundraiser Coordinator, and his PAWS, were pretty shocked and amazed to a see the significant amount of money being pulled out.

According to Finneran, “$300 to me isn’t that much money, I’ve spoiled myself with other expensive items and that’s what has also led me to donating. I don’t really use it for my own personal gain.”  The modest teenager states that he felt confident and proud knowing he did something right and made other people happy.

The $30o donation also had a small impact on Noah, himself. He feels that when talking to people, conversations are easier to start. The donation is one of the first things brought up.

He was the only person involved in the donation. Even his parents didn’t know that their son had donated a significant amount of money. Noah claims, “I didn’t even tell my parents about the donation and I never planned to. 

I didn’t even tell my parents about the donation and I never planned to.”

— Noah Finneran

They found out from other parents of students at EHS.”

Finneran feels that HAC has good intentions and will use the money well .