‘Godspell’ Performances Approaching

Sydney Zatz, News Writer

Eagan has been kicking it into gear with the upcoming winter musical “Godspell”.“Godspell” is a musical by Stephen Schwartz (who is also the writer of “Wicked” and “Pippin”.) The show was created in the 1970’s and was revived on Broadway in 2012. Eagan will be doing the Broadway revival version.

“Godspell” is based off of various musical parables from The Gospel According to Matthew. Jesus Christ, played by Senior Jackson Cobb, attempts to recruit a group of followers in which he uses music and dance to teach him the various lessons.

Between auditions and callbacks, Denny Swanson, the school’s musical director has suffered a stroke, causing him to take some time out to rehabilitate. Musical Vocal Director Mr. Cox said, “Denny’s doing very well, He hopes to be back for the summer show.” Former EHS theater kids and vocal students also created a fundraiser to buy Denny a new laptop as  get-well gift.

It hasn’t necessarily been easy for the musical to go on without Denny but, the directorial staff is making it work. Mr. Cox added, “It’s all been a team effort. By dividing responsibilities and taking on extra duties. Carol [Meyer, Dance Director] has been doing the staging and I’ve been dealing with not only the vocals but the set and the costumes. We’re stretching our brains out to see what happens.”

It’s all been a team effort”

— Mr. Cox

With a talented cast of 24 students, there has been a lot of creative input. Cox says, “It will be a lot of fun, there’s a lot of story telling, great music from different genres. It’s a great cast with a rocking band and lots of creative costumes and cool choreography.”

Performances are December 5th and 6th at 7 PM, December 7th at 2 PM and December 11th, 12th and 13th at 7 PM. Tickets go on sale November 17th. Tickets can be purchased at the EHS Box Office or online using FeePay.