Geometry Classes Experience the Hour of Code

Elsie Goren, Co-Editor-in-Chief

This winter, geometry classes tried out a new computer science program know as the Hour of Code. They played stimulating games in the computer labs which incorporated logic and problem solving to create an entertaining, yet educational experience.

Originally developed to raise awareness for computer science and present individuals with a basic foundation of coding, this initiative has been a tremendous success with over 90 million people completing it.

Students had to make characters perform certain actions by dragging and dropping blocks into a sequence of events. On the surface, it was simply an orderly game. On the inside though, students were writing their own code, which granted them a sneak peak into the limitless aspects of computer science.


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Mrs. Braun, the teacher in charge of Hour of Code at EHS, elucidates further, “A lot of students are unaware of all the possibilities that this career path can offer. Computer science is not for everyone but if the Hour of Code sparks the interest of a few students who had never previously thought of it as a possibility, then the Hour of Code was a success.”

A lot of students are unaware of all the possibilities that this career path can offer.”

— Ms. Braun

Nowadays, technology is advancing at a rapid rate. Brilliant inventions, unique gadgets, and electronic mechanisms are constantly being released, benefiting society in a manner of ways. Because of this, the demand for computer programmers is skyrocketing and companies, such as Facebook and Microsoft, need fresh innovative programmers.

“An understanding of computer science is becoming increasingly essential in today’s world,” opines Sheryl Sandberg, the Chief Operating Officer of Facebook. She’s not the only one who recognizes this growing issue. Figures like Bill Gates (Microsoft), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Eric Schmidt (Google) and even Barack Obama are taking action by supporting the Hour of Code.