Mr. Rohr Announces Plan to Retire


Mariam Khella

Mr. Rohr and his PAWS class.

Olivia Weinberger, News Editor

Mr. Rohr has recently announced that he will be retiring at the end of first trimester next year. After 25 years working as a history teacher at Eagan, he will be greatly missed.

One of the main things Mr. Rohr is known for is the dedication he gives not only to his job, but to each individual student. Each day, he gets to school early and leaves late to help students in study review sessions before and after school.

He loves being able to work one on one or in small groups with the students. It has become a very “special time” for him, something he looks forward to every day.

Rohr shares that he’s really going to miss “the interaction with the students every day and seeing students who really want to learn. And the morning review sessions and the after school review sessions when students come in because they want to do well.”

One thing Rohr hopes his work has helped with is preparation for college. For many students, the jump from high school to college is very big, and Rohr wanted to help make that jump not quite as daunting. He taught about many historical and current issues which helped a lot of students grow and learn more about the world we live in.

I have learned a lot about how to structure an essay and write it in his classes”

— Madi Sogge

Rohr says, “I think I’ve helped to open doors especially for mainstream students who don’t take AP classes, that they still had the experience to help them to be successful in college.

His hard work has certainly paid off for many students. Senior Ngan Nguyen, a former student of Rohr, explains that she’s learned many life lessons besides “just history and stuff.” His class forced students to stay organized, take a lot of notes, and put in effort outside of the school day to be successful.

Former student of Rohr and Senior, Madi Sogge, also feels she has learned a lot from him that will benefit her in college, “I have learned a lot about how to structure an essay and write it in his classes.” She further explains that he “made history fun by turning [the lessons] into stories.”

There’s a chance to do other things besides teaching”

— Mr. Rohr

While he’s going to miss a lot of things about Eagan, namely the students, he feels it’s time to move on, “There’s a chance to do other things besides teaching, I’ve done this for 30 years and I’ve always wanted to go out on top, I’ve always wanted to be doing the best I could do and still working hard and I think I’m doing that so I think it’s a good time”

Without teaching to keep him busy, Rohr has many things planned to fill his time. He would like to do a lot of volunteer work with kids and older people, along with some work for his church.